0241Tactical on the cover of Airsoft International

​     Founded in March 2012 by two former military personnel, 0241Tactical produces no-nonsense products that meet the rigors of working in austere environments. Our high quality and affordable products offer protection from the elements and enhance concealment. We have been expanding our products using a wide variety of the latest camouflage patterns that include all Multicam variants, All-Terrain Tiger Stripe, A-TACS patterns, ERDL, CADPAT, MARPAT, and the Kryptek patterns.  This year we look forward to introducing more products and continuing our current products with new patterns!

     0241Tactical is continually expanding its product line and its customer base - serving customers from Special Operations units, conventional units of all branches, hunters, and airsoft enthusiasts around the globe. Our products exceed the standards your gear requires while keeping the cost affordable. 

* Berry compliant US Military camouflage
* Provides comprehensive concealment to you and your equipment by making accessories not typically available in the latest camouflage patterns.
* Cold Weather products in a variety of patterns provide protection from the elements and enhances concealment.
* Customized products to meet your needs.
​* We cater to individual customers and large bulk and unit orders.

About 0241Tactical